Hawaii Beach Weddings and Vow Renewals - Packages, Locations, and Tips!

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Hawaii Beach Weddings and Vow Renewals

Hawaii offers more natural beauty than almost anywhere else in the world, and a beach wedding in Hawaii gives you the option for a stress-free ceremony in paradise all for a more affordable price than a traditional wedding at home.

Whether it’s a wedding or vow renewal, we offer everything you need to celebrate your love with an unforgettable Hawaii destination wedding.


Hawaii beach weddingHawaii beach wedding at Waialae Beach.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Packages

Our Oahu beach wedding packages and vow renewal packages start at just $275 (2020 pricing), making Hawaii surprisingly affordable! When considering the costs of a Hawaii destination wedding, many couples can’t believe how much cheaper it is to fly to Hawaii, stay seven nights in a hotel, and have a ceremony in paradise all for cheaper than a traditional wedding back home. Much, much cheaper!

Although we have simple beach wedding packages for only a few hundred dollars, we also have packages for every desire. Whether you’re eloping in Hawaii by yourselves or having a small Hawaii wedding, we can provide you with a stress-free experience. 

Here are some of the elements you may want to consider when choosing your package:

Our wedding and vow renewal packages are customizable to include everything you want for your Hawaiian wedding. Your wedding coordinators are always a phone call or email away to help you sort through all the details!


Hawaii beach wedding at Sherwood Beach, OahuSherwood Beach wedding setup.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations

When trying to decide on the perfect spot for your ceremony, it can be tough. There’s no shortage of natural beauty, and it’s easy to see how every location has something special to offer. 

We try to provide a general overview of all our Hawaii wedding locations, yet sometimes the best way to decide is to chat with your wedding coordinators. We’re all here to help you.

For most of our couples, choosing the right location and package is the hard part. After that, there are only a few minor details, like deciding what to wear and applying for your marriage license. We’ll make sure everything else is in place.

That said, here are our most popular Hawaii beach wedding locations:


Sherwood Forest Beach - Oahu

Sherwood’s is our most popular beach wedding location. The beautiful turquoise waters, golden sand, mountains, and small islands in the background make for beautiful beach photos, and the ironwood forest provides excellent contrast for what feels like a second-location photo shoot.

Sherwood Forest Beach Photo and Video Gallery

Our Favorite Hawaii Wedding Location: Sherwood Forest Beach

Sherwood Beach Hawaii WeddingHappy newlyweds at Sherwood Forest Beach, Oahu.


Waialae Beach - Oahu

Waialae Beach is near Waikiki, yet it's much more secluded. Although all beaches in Hawaii are public, Waialae doesn’t have as many beachgoers due to its shallow waters, allowing you to have a more intimate ceremony. 

Waialae Beach Photo and Video Gallery

Hawaii-Wedding-Photography-at-Waialae-BeachA Waialae Beach wedding couple.

Sandy Beach - Oahu

Sandy Beach is known for its sandy shore break and beautiful lava rocks. Although it’s a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, earlier in the day is not too busy, and we know a few lovely beach ceremony spots! It's also a great sunrise ceremony location. 

Sandy Beach Photo and Video Gallery

Sandy Beach - A Hawaii Beach Wedding Location

Sandy-Beach-Hawaii-Wedding-2020A Sandy Beach, Oahu beach wedding.


Kawela Bay - Oahu

If you’re staying in Waikiki, the previous choices are recommended, but if you’re staying on Oahu’s North Shore, Kawela Bay is a hidden gem with a beautiful beach and forest, perfect for a sunset ceremony.

Kawela Bay Photo and Video Gallery

Our North Shore Hawaii Wedding Location: Kawela Bay

Kawela-Bay-Hawaii-Wedding-19A North Shore Hawaii beach wedding at Kawela Bay.


Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii

For outer island beach weddings, locations can vary depending on which part of the island you’re staying on. After Oahu, Maui weddings and elopements are the most popular, but there are more restrictions than on Oahu. Please contact us for suggestions and details.

Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island Photo and Video Gallery


Hawaii-beach-wedding-at-Sandy-Beach,-OahuSteps away from our Sandy Beach ceremony location.

What to Wear to Your Hawaii Beach Wedding

Anything goes for your Hawaii beach ceremony! We’ve seen everything from a bikini (really) to full traditional gowns for the brides. For the grooms, shorts are fine in Hawaii, and a lot of grooms opt for linen pants and shirts to keep cool. For a more traditional look, suits look sharp but remember that it can be warm.

Whatever you decide, just remember that there are no rules. It’s all up to you!

One big tip for the ladies: think carefully about your shoes! High heels look great, but they do not work well in sand and on rocks. Flats are a much better and safer option, especially if your location has lava rocks.

Read more about:

Waialae Beach 29A little color is nice to wear on your big day!


Packages for both the wedding and reception are popular requests. These are very rare in Hawaii unless you are booking a hotel venue for 100+ guests. Most of our couples have 50 or less guests so usually are trying to plan for a nice meal or a luau! To provide the most flexibility, we have ceremony packages and can help you explore options for a Hawaii wedding reception to follow.

Tips to Have a Perfect Beach Wedding

  • We are blessed with comfortable trade winds that keep Hawaii cool. Remember to consider the wind when deciding on your hair and makeup!
  • Be on time for a relaxed ceremony! If your wedding package includes a photographer and videographer, being late will cut into your time. If you have guests coming, express the importance of them being on time. Arrive early for a more stress-free experience!
  • Relax! We do everything possible to make your experience as stress-free as possible. As long as you’re on time, you can relax and let our team lead you through everything.
  • Eat before your ceremony! Many couples get caught up with getting ready and forget to eat. Make sure you don’t leave for your ceremony with an empty stomach. You don’t want to be “hangry” on your special day!
  • Don’t forget the rings and marriage license (a marriage license is not required if you’re already legally married).
  • For more, check out our 10 Tips for Your Hawaii Wedding Day!

Need Help? You can contact us, call, or schedule a time for us to call you with the calendar below. Your Hawaii dream wedding is easier than you might think, and we’re here to help you every step of the way!


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