In-room Hair & Makeup


Our stylists come right to you!

Make sure you look your best by booking one of our expert stylists.

We have some of the best stylists in the industry, and they’ll come right to your Waikiki hotel room to help you look amazing on your wedding day!


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Why Get Hair & Makeup?

The in-room hair and makeup service is the most convenient way to get ready on the big day. Hawaii is truly a melting pot, so our stylists are skilled in working with all different hair and skin types. They come with everything you need, even lashes! They use long-wearing, hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free makeup products. 

Did we mention, we love these ladies? Obviously, they’re talented, but they have great energy and are the kinds of people you’ll be happy to have around. They’ll be one of the first people you see on your wedding day, and they’ll leave you looking and feeling your best for the special day ahead!


How It Works

We take care of the timeline for you, so we’ll book the stylist based on the time you need to leave for the ceremony. The service itself takes about an hour and 30 minutes to two hours. We schedule things so you have about an hour after hair and makeup finishes to finish getting dressed and ready to leave.

(Note: An early start fee is required for the artist if your service begins before 7:00 am. A travel fee may be required if you are staying outside of the Waikiki area.)

Start looking for photos of hair or makeup styles you like. We have a sample gallery which is a good place to get started. Have these ready to show the stylist as a reference. If you have a very intricate or unusual hair or makeup style in mind, let the coordination team know so we can help confirm the look with your stylist.

Finally, on your wedding day, prep by making sure your hair is 100% dry (best to wash the night before), groom your eyebrows, and make sure to wear a robe or button-up shirt. Our stylist will do the rest and make you look beautiful for your special day :)

If hair and makeup is included in your wedding package, we automatically schedule your stylist. If you want to add hair and makeup service for your mom, maid of honor, etc, just let us know!


All stylists have completed and passed the COVID-19 Sanitation Course

Meeting and exceeding the already strict guidelines that ensure hygiene with our mobile salon services, all stylists have additionally passed the sanitation course for customer and stylist safety.


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