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Posted by Lauren C. on Nov 22, 2023 11:42:53 AM

Now more than ever, elopement packages are an excellent option for couples looking for a stress-free way to plan their wedding, and with some of the most stunning beaches in the world, eloping in Hawaii is a no-brainer!

Did you know that elopements and destination weddings can be much more affordable than the cost of a traditional wedding? Many couples can fly to Hawaii, stay seven nights, have their wedding, and still spend less than they would for a wedding at home. This is also true for most elopement locations around the world.

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Elopement couple at Waialae Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Enjoying the amazing view after their elopement on Waialae Beach.


We already mentioned that Hawaii has affordable destination wedding options, but what’s “affordable,” you ask? Our Hawaii wedding packages range from $395 to $8,995, with most couples spending a small fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding (2023 prices).

If this sounds like it could be a good fit for you, check out more of our elopement package details below.

With any of these packages, you choose which stunning Hawaii wedding location will be the place you tie the knot. Public locations require a $50 permit we obtain for you from the State of Hawaii, and we do offer private venus for additional fees. Keep in mind that all of our packages can be customized.


Elopement couple walking on the beach in Hawaii and leaving footprints

Some elopement packages include flower leis.

What to Look for in Your Elopement Package

You'll want to make sure you have all the pieces in place for your perfect elopement day, and elopement packages should have all the options you need for your wedding day. A traditional list of wedding vendors changes a bit when thinking about vendors for a Hawaii elopement package. 

Here are some of the most important things to look for when looking at elopement packages.

  • Officiant

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Florals

  • Transportation

  • Hair and makeup

  • Musician

  • Ceremony decor

These are some of the common inclusions. Obviously, you don't need lots of extras to make your elopement experience a great one, but it's good to consider your options and pay attention to what you're paying for.


Elopement ceremony on Secret Beach, Oahu

Your elopement doesn't have to be only the two of you. 

What's the Planning Process for a Perfect Elopement Day?

Once couples realize elopement packages offer a great way to have that perfect intimate wedding, the planning process can begin. While there's no direct path you must take to plan your elopement ceremony day, here are some steps you need to take.


1. Choose Your Elopement Location

Will you elope in Hawaii? Maybe you'd prefer the desert vibe the West Coast can provide, or maybe even a less-known elopement location perfect for the two of you. Once you narrow down the area, you'll still need to choose exactly where to have your elopement ceremony.

For example, if you choose to elope in Hawaii, you have five islands to choose from. Most couples choose Oahu as it offers the best value and most options for elopement packages. Once you choose your island, you have more Hawaii wedding locations to choose from.


2. Choose Your Elopement Package

Elopement packages should list inclusions and make it easy to decide what's best for you, but you can always inquire with your elopement company. We recommend, at minimum, including an officiant and photographer, but that should only be your starting point.

Chatting with an elopement coordinator can help you understand your options. Planning your elopement should be a fun, low-stress process, so look for companies offering convenience and experience with solid reviews.


3. Make a Reservation for Your Elopement

Submitting a reservation secures your date and starts your elopement team on the planning process. You'll need to decide on a time and make sure your ceremony site is available.


4. Plan and Customize Your Elopement Package

Elopement packages are designed to be complete with what you need for your special day, but you'll likely want to include some add-ons. Every couple is different, and you'll probably want to put your personal touch with some additions when planning your elopement.

You'll also want to plan a few details with your planner, such as having a first look, saying private vows, and logistical details like transportation options. You can also ask about details like the marriage license and make sure your questions are answered so that you can be stress-free on your dream day.


5. Enjoy Your Elopement

Once you are done planning your elopement, you can focus on planning the rest of your trip. Your amazing adventure is your elopement and a great trip with the one you love. The entire process is meant to be fun and one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Don't forget to relax and enjoy the anticipation of the moment.


Elopement ceremony with the ocean in the background

Imagine that backdrop for your elopement. Arbors are included in some elopement packages and can be added to most.

How Much Do Elopement Packages Cost?

Our elopement packages range from $395 to $8,995 (2023 prices), but you could always spend much more. It really depends on you and what type of elopement you want to have. Some elopement companies' starting package is more expensive than our top package, yet they offer very different services and inclusions.

Although our smallest elopement package is only $395, we don't recommend it. It's perfect for some, but most want to have professional photos at least. Nearly every article on wedding vendors will mention the importance of having a professional wedding photographer, so don't just take our word for it.

If you can afford add-ons and larger packages, you won't regret it as it is one of the best days of your life. However, all the bells and whistles aren't necessary when you only need the one you love.


Elopement couple on a bridge

A special moment between these two elopers.

Elopement Tips

There are a few things that couples do differently when having an intimate elopement. Here are a few tips to think about when planning your wedding day.

  • First Look - Since it's just the two of you, will you get ready together and skip a first look, or will you plan to get ready separately and have a first look? If you have a first look, will you have it at the hotel or the ceremony, and will you have photography coverage for it? We've had grooms ride blindfolded in the limo in order to have the first look during the ceremony, so you have options.

  • Wedding Attire - In many elopement locations, you'll want to consider the weather and other factors when choosing what to wear. A national park elopement might be super cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, while for a Hawaii elopement, you'll experience pleasant tropical weather year-round. Read more about what to wear for your Hawaii wedding.

  • Marriage License - Many elopement locations make getting a marriage license easy. For example, getting your Hawaii marriage license is a simple process that only requires an online application, a small fee, and a short meeting with a licensing agent. You'll want to check how easy it is to get your marriage license in your elopement destination.

  • All-Inclusive Elopement Package - Many couples want their elopement day to be as stress-free as possible. Although it's possible to piece together your elopement with different vendors, this often leads to issues. We recommend using a very experienced team who is used to working together. For example, there are huge advantages to having your photographer and officiant know each other, and if your florist doesn't get the bouquet delivered in time, that could be a stress you don't want on your big day. A great wedding planner and elopement package that covers most of the details is the way to go for a stress-free elopement experience.

  • Live Stream Coverage - One downside of skipping a big traditional wedding is that you cannot include family and friends, but with a ceremony live stream, you get the intimate wedding experience, all while sharing with the entire family and closest friends back home.

  • Choose Local Vendors - We can't overstate enough how local vendors have a huge advantage over outside vendors. The biggest suggestion is for your elopement photographer and videographer. You want to work with people who know the area and all the dos and don'ts that come with it. For one example, you wouldn't want your photographer to take you out on rocks that might look safe but are quite dangerous. This is true for a national park elopement, Hawaii elopement, or an adventure elopement. Another example is that local hair and makeup artists will know the wind is a bigger factor for an outdoor ceremony and will do a better job on your hair.

  • Consider the Weather - We're blessed in Hawaii with some of the most consistently nice weather in the world. Although it can get warm, it's never as hot as the Caribbean. Hawaii also rarely gets crazy weather, as hurricanes are extremely rare, and most rain only lasts for seconds to a few minutes. Other destination wedding locations have unpredictable weather, so be sure to plan accordingly.


An elopement ceremony on a beach in Hawaii

An elopement ceremony on a beach in Hawaii.

Elopement Packages

Our elopement packages below are for the island of Oahu. More details can be found by clicking the "Oahu Wedding Packages" from the menu above. Please follow the link for Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island elopement and wedding packages


Oahu Kama'aina Elopement Package - $395

Our Kama’aina elopement package includes an officiant for an intimate ceremony in paradise. It’s our version of a courthouse wedding, just on a gorgeous beach.

The officiant will meet you at the beach location. It's far more beautiful than a state building, but keeping things as low-key as a ceremony can be.

See all Kama’aina Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant


Newlyweds splash in the ocean after their ceremony

Splashing around in the ocean after their elopement ceremony.


Oahu Gardenia Elopement Package - $749

The Gardenia elopement package also includes a professional wedding photographer in addition to the officiant to perform your wedding ceremony.

Perfect for couples already planning to get a rental car, you meet the officiant and photographer at your beach location. The ceremony takes place first, and then your photoshoot will follow. Even on a small budget, you can have a romantic ceremony with lovely photos to document your special wedding day.

See all Gardenia Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant

  • Photographer

Elopement couple kissing on a Hawaii beach

Even cloudy days are perfect for elopements in the right locations.



Oahu Maile Elopement package - $995

Adding the limousine in the Maile elopement package adds to the basics of officiant and photographer included in the previous packages. The limousine will pick you up from your hotel, take you to your ceremony location, where the officiant and photographer will meet you, and then bring you back once your photoshoot is done. Eliminating stress from driving and navigation on your wedding day is a nice luxury.

See all Maile Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant

  • Photographer

  • Limousine

Elopement couple posing for a photo at their wedding

Add special touches to your elopement day, like the traditional Hawaiian haku lei.



Oahu Lehua Elopement Package - $1,749

The Lehua elopement package is the most popular and includes everything from the previous package, plus a bouquet and a professional wedding videographer.

Videography is the number one thing couples regret not having at their wedding, so this package will have you covered!

See all Lehua Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant

  • Photographer

  • Limousine

  • Videographer

  • Bouquet

Newlyweds on a beach in Hawaii

Destination elopements have no rules. We see couples in shorts all the time.



Oahu Royal Ilima Elopement Package - $2,995

The Royal Ilima elopement package includes a two-location photoshoot and the option for in-room hair and makeup or a live musician. This package has many popular services for an elopement wedding that are often added to the smaller packages.

See all Royal Ilima Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant

  • Photographer - Two location shoot

  • Limousine

  • Videographer

  • Bouquet

  • Choose between Hair and Makeup or Live Musician


Elopement ceremony on Oahu, Hawaii

How amazing are the views and that bouquet?



Oahu Monarch Elite Elopement Package - $5,549

Our Monarch Elite elopement package goes beyond the essentials and offers luxury services to enhance your wedding day. For example, the hotel consult makes getting your marriage license fast and convenient. The extras in this package create an extra special wedding experience.

See all Monarch Elite Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant

  • Photographer - Two location shoot

  • Limousine

  • Videographer - Two location shoot

  • Bouquet and Boutonniere

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Live Musician

  • Hula Dancer

  • Cake Cutting

  • Hotel Consult

  • Couples massage


Elopement couple cutting the cake

Some elopement packages include a cake cutting, leis, and a bouquet.


Oahu Kalani Ilima Elopement Package - $8,995

The Kalani Ilima is the most inclusive elopement package, including all the bells and whistles. The limo service for your arrival and departure certainly makes you feel special from beginning to end! Getting amazing drone footage elevates your wedding video while the live stream allows family and friends worldwide to feel like they’re in Hawaii, too!

See all Kalani Ilima Package details.

Quick Summary:

  • Officiant

  • Photographer - Three location shoot (pre-bridal, ceremony location, and second-location photoshoot)

  • Limousine - Airport pick up, airport drop off, and ceremony day

  • Videographer - Three location shoot (pre-bridal, ceremony location, and second-location photoshoot)

  • Bouquet and Boutonniere

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Live Musician

  • Hula Dancer

  • Cake Cutting

  • Drone - Two location shoot

  • Hotel Consult

  • Couples massage

  • Live Stream

  • Choice of any arch, arbor, or runway wedding setup with up to 30 chairs for the ceremony location (restrictions apply)


Newlyweds at their elopement on a beach in Hawaii

These smiles are signs they chose the right elopement package. 


These elopement packages are fully customizable to ensure you get everything you want for your dream wedding day. Many of the same services for a traditional wedding are still included, so you aren’t missing anything, except maybe a few headaches.

We have many reception recommendations for your wedding dinner to ensure you have a delicious meal to celebrate your special wedding day!

Small Hawaii weddings are unique and meaningful. Plan your ceremony for what's perfect for you, and you're sure to have one of the most memorable days of your life!

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