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Proposal Packages and Add-ons

Either package can be paired with any location.

Proposal & Engagement Photography Package

  • Photographer for 1-Hour Shoot

  • 100 Digital Downloads From the Shoot with Print Release

  • Beach Permit

  • Assistance with plans to get your soon-to-be-fiance to the beach.

See full "Package Details" Below

Deposit $100 | Price: $730


Proposal & Engagement Photo & Video Package

  • Photographer for 1-Hour Shoot

  • 100 Digital Downloads From the Shoot with Print Release

  • Beach Permit

  • Assistance with plans to get your soon-to-be-fiance to the beach.

  • Videographer for 1-Hour Shoot

  • Proposal Video & Highlight Video

See full "Package Details" Below

Deposit: $100 | Price: $1,225


Add-On Options & Additional Information

  • Picnic Setup

  • Flower Circle Decor

  • Drone Videography

  • Live Musician

  • Hawaiian Floral Set

See full "Package Details" Below

Proposal Locations

Sandy Beach Hawaii Wedding 2022 12

Sandy Beach

Golden sand, lava rock, and whitewash on the royal blue ocean make the perfect sunrise proposal! 

  • Available Monday-Friday for sunrise.

Waialae Beach Hawaii Wedding 26

Waialae Beach

An iconic Hawaii proposal with palm trees everywhere, even on the quaint island in the background!

  • Available Monday-Friday for late morning or late afternoon.

Magic Island Hawaii Wedding 23

Magic Island

Pop the question at golden hour and catch the sunset at the end of your engagement shoot. 

  • Available Monday-Friday for sunset.


How It Works

Making Your Hawaii Proposal and Engagement Shoot Everything You Dreamed Of!

1. Choose a package and Add-Ons

Are just photos enough or do you want to capture the moment on video too? You may want to add some extras to make an amazing moment even better! 


2. Pick a Location

With three stunning locations, there is no wrong choice. The time of day can sometimes help you decide.


3. Submit Your Reservation

Fill out the request for a reservation so we can make sure we're available. 

4. Lock It In

If available, we'll email you an invoice to pay your deposit. Once paid, we secure everything for you. For any add-ons you may be interested in, the availability and pricing would be confirmed with you after the package is booked.

The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your event date. Everything you book with us, we'll take care of.


5. Get Ready!

Ok, now you have all that set. What comes next is sometimes the hardest part. What exactly are you going to say? Don't worry, we're here to help! 

We'll send you suggestions on how to get your soon-to-be-fiance to the beach. And we even have some ideas of what to say. We've got lots of options, you just need to decide what works best for you!



Package Details

Proposal Photography Package ($730). Proposal Photography & Videography ($1,225).

Here's a full breakdown of everything in the Proposal Photography Package ($730):

Photographer for 1-Hour Shoot

  • A professional photographer will be there to capture the proposal as well as the engagement shoot to follow.

100 Digital Downloads From the Shoot with Print Release

  • In the 1-hour shoot, your photographer will take at least 100 photos. All photos will have standard batch edits done for contrast, saturation, brightness, etc. 

  • Edited photos will be uploaded to an online gallery and emailed to you. 

  • You are able to download the entire gallery with the print release to create your own announcements, photo albums, holiday cards, etc.

Beach Permit

  • This is required by the State of Hawaii for us to do a professional shoot on the beach. The cost is built into the package and we obtain the permit on your behalf.

  • The permit allows us to provide photography and videography services, but does not allow us to block off or reserve an area of the beach. The beach is a public space so we cannot restrict anyone's access.  

Assistance with plans to get your soon-to-be-fiance to the beach.

  • We'll send you suggestions on how to get them to the beach without ruining the surprise. 

  • We'll help outline a detailed plan so you know where to be and when, and most important - where to pop the question. 

Proposal Photography & Videography Package ($1,225) includes everything previously listed, plus:

Videographer for 1-Hour Shoot

  • A professional videographer will be there to capture the proposal as well as the engagement shoot to follow.

  • We'll make plans to secretly get a microphone on you. 

Proposal Video & Highlight Video

  • The Proposal Video is a video of the actual proposal itself with audio. 

  • The Highlight Video is a combination of the actual proposal edited together with video footage during the engagement shoot. If drone is added, this is where the footage goes.

Please see below for the package add-on options.


Most add-ons can be added to any package at any location.

Picnic Setup Add-On

Tell your fiance you booked a picnic on the beach as an easy way to get them to the big surprise!

  • Luxury Beach Cabana, styling with picnic rugs or blankets, plush pillows, and high-quality boho décor (very similar to photo)

  • A charcuterie spread for two (meats, cheeses, fruit). Modifications are available for vegan or other dietary needs

  • Bottled water, local juices, and ice. (Alcohol is not permitted at public locations.)

  • *Only Available at Magic Island*

Picnic Proposal at Magic Island

Picnic Proposal Sign

Picnic Setup with Proposal Decor Add-On

Has the same inclusions as the Picnic Add-On above, plus:

  • Additional "Marry Me" marquee light-up letters, rose petals, a "They Said Yes" handheld sign, and LED candles (very similar to photo)

  • *Only Available at Magic Island*

Flower Circle Decor Add-On

  • A flower circle can be added as a more minimalistic way to "dress up" the proposal spot.

  • The decor cannot be customized as it is silk florals and greenery. 

Flower Circle

Waikiki Beach from the Outrigger

Drone Videography Add-On

  • Your professional videographer will also fly the drone during the engagement shoot. The drone footage will be integrated into the highlight video

  • The drone may or may not be flown during the actual proposal at the discretion of the videographer. Sometimes lighting, wind, etc. are factors in determining what will make for the best footage.
  • *Only available with the Photo & Video Package*

Live Musician Add-On

  •  A Hawaiian musician will sing and play the ukulele to set the ambiance for the proposal. They can also plan on instrumental only if you'd prefer. 

  • After the proposal, they will play another song or two and depart prior to the start of the formal shoot. 


Haku and Maile Set

Hawaiian Floral Set Add-On

  • A haku lei (Hawaiian flower crown) and maile lei are beautiful additions for your photoshoot. 

  • Set can also be modified to include two haku lei or two maile lei


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