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Rachel is a wedding coordinator at Weddings of Hawaii. She was born and raised on Oahu.

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Elope in Hawaii - Hawaii Elopement Packages, Locations, and Tips! 

Posted by Rachel H. on Feb 26, 2020 10:33:00 AM

(Updated 03-2020)


“They made our elopement so stress-free, and everything went as smoothly as planned. My husband and I planned to elope to Hawaii with our two kids and were very pleased with Weddings of Hawaii.” -Charisse M.


Elope in Hawaii with the one you love!


Want to Elope in Hawaii? - Why Hawaii Is Perfect for an Elopement

At Weddings of Hawaii, we have become experts on elopements and have helped countless couples plan their Hawaiian dream wedding. Elopements are a great way to have an affordable destination wedding in a beautiful atmosphere.


Why Elope?

Eloping is perfect for the spontaneous couple, but it’s also great for those who like to plan ahead. As opposed to a traditional wedding, an elopement is a beautiful way to keep your ceremony intimate and focused on what is most important for you and your partner.

Additionally, elopements avoid the excessive stress that planning a traditional wedding can have. Destination wedding companies understand how to help take away that stress, making your elopement as stress-free as possible.

Finally, an elopement is usually much more affordable than a wedding at home. We wrote an article on how much a Hawaiian wedding costs, and many of our guests are surprised they can have a wedding and honeymoon for much cheaper than a traditional wedding.

Wedding of Hawaii has been helping couples plan their dream wedding on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii since 1978, and our wedding coordinators are always available to answer any questions you may have.


But Why Hawaii?


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get married Wedding Day Tips

What to Wear for Your Hawaii Wedding

Posted by Rachel H. on Jan 30, 2020 8:41:00 AM


Not sure what to wear for the big day? Wear whatever you want!


Yes, this was really what they wore, and they rocked it! 


As you can see, a beach wedding in Hawaii can be quite casual :)

Seriously though, it’s your big day, and there’s no “correct” attire for a beautiful wedding in Hawaii. Whether you have a vision of an elegant gown or a casual aloha-print outfit, it’ll all work as long as it’s something you love.

Here are some pointers from our experience that may help you figure out what works for the two of you.


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wedd Getting Married in Hawaii , get married Wedding Day Tips

How to Have a Stress-Free Destination Wedding in Hawaii

Posted by Rachel H. on Oct 31, 2019 9:53:00 AM


Don’t let your big day become a big stress! We have put together some quick tips from our previous couples and coordinators to help make sure you are able to enjoy every part of your wedding.


Be Okay Asking for Help

Is it your first time to Hawaii and not sure which locations to choose? Which hotel to book? Where to have a dinner reception? Not sure if you should book a rental car? Let us know!

Although your wedding coordinators are not travel agents, they know their island home very well. We'd be happy to share some insight or offer our opinion. Even if you have never been to Hawaii before, you already have ohana (family) here to help. You can call or schedule a time for us to call you if you'd like to chat. Sometimes just getting in touch is enough to calm those nerves, and we always like talking to our couples :)


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wedd Getting Married in Hawaii , get married Wedding Day Tips

Hawaiian Weddings - What Makes Them so Special?

Posted by Rachel H. on Oct 17, 2019 5:30:00 PM


When we use the word “Hawaiian” to talk about a Hawaii wedding, we’re referring to the Hawaiian elements that make a wedding in paradise so special. While your ceremony will have traditional elements, there are unique moments that are rooted in this wonderful culture.

If you’ve checked out our Hawaii wedding or vow renewal packages, you’ll see they all have the following:

Officiant & Romantic Marriage Ceremony Including:

  • Enchanting Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Vows - Traditional (repeated) or Customized (written)
  • Children’s Ceremony (For Blended Families)
  • Blessing Of The Wedding Rings
  • Traditional Hawaiian Lei Exchange With Two Keepsake Shell Leis

Many of our couples want to know more about what these items are and how the ceremony “works.” If we haven’t yet had the pleasure of chatting or emailing with you, here’s the inside scoop.


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wedd Getting Married in Hawaii

Choosing A Song for Your Highlight Video 

Posted by Rachel H. on Oct 3, 2019 6:58:00 PM


If you choose to capture your special day with a ceremony and highlight video, it's time to start thinking about your wedding video song.

Video is included in Lehua wedding packages and above, and you can add it to any package. You'll have two videos: (1) a video copy of the ceremony beginning to end and (2) a highlight video including clips from the ceremony and clips from the photo shoot. 

You get to choose a song for your highlight video. We know each couple is unique, so we want to give you time to pick a song that fits your personality and style.

Because of copyright restrictions, the song needs to come from songfreedom.com, a website with over a million free songs to choose from and a selection of premium songs.


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wedd Getting Married in Hawaii

Hawaii Marriage License and Legal Process - Weddings of Hawaii

Posted by Rachel H. on Aug 8, 2019 9:08:00 AM

Known for its lush mountains,  pristine beaches, and aloha spirit, the State of Hawaii has long been a destination of choice for couples around the world. Amid all the stunning scenery, it's easy to overlook one of the little-known perks of romance in the Aloha State: Hawaii happens to be one of the easiest places on earth to get married.


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