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Rachel is a wedding coordinator at Weddings of Hawaii. She was born and raised on Oahu.

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Five Regrets Couples Have from Their Hawaii Wedding Day

Posted by Rachel H. on Jan 17, 2019 8:15:00 AM

There are certain moments in your life that you only get once. Your wedding day is definitely one of them. All couples do their best to plan ahead and make sure their day includes everything they want. However, hindsight can truly be 20/20.

Here are the top five regrets couples have from their wedding. Hopefully this helps you plan accordingly for your big day!  

  1. Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Select shoes so you’ll be comfortable! Gentlemen, if you are getting new shoes, make sure to break them in beforehand. Ladies, high heels may look great with your dress, but are they going to kill your feet? And then there's the sand, of course! Or the lava rocks at some of our wedding locations. Not great spots for heels.

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Our Favorite Hawaii Wedding Location: Sherwood Forest Beach

Posted by Rachel H. on Dec 27, 2018 8:28:00 AM


Everything You Need to Know About Sherwood Forest Beach


Sherwood Forest Beach (aka Waimanalo Bay) is one of our most popular Hawaii beach wedding locations. Not only is it a great beach for a wedding, but it’s also a personal favorite of many of us here at Weddings of Hawaii. Although we have descriptions and photos of all our wedding locations, we wanted to share more details that may help you in choosing the perfect beach for the big day!

As you probably have seen in the pictures, this location features soft white sand, clear turquoise blue water, and the striking ironwood tree forest.

The stark contrast between the beach and forest gives couples a "two-in-one-location” photo opportunity. Because of its logistics, it is also our most secluded beach location.

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Elope in Hawaii - Hawaii Elopement Packages, Locations, and Tips! 

Posted by Rachel H. on Nov 29, 2018 10:33:00 AM


“They made my wedding day so stress-free, and everything went as smoothly as planned. My husband and I planned to elope to Hawaii with our two kids and were very pleased with Weddings of Hawaii.” -Charisse M.


Elope in Hawaii with the one you love!


Want to Elope in Hawaii? - Why Hawaii Is Perfect for an Elopement

At Weddings of Hawaii, we have become experts on elopements and have helped countless couples plan their Hawaiian dream wedding. Elopements are a great way to have an affordable wedding in a beautiful atmosphere.

Why Elope?

Eloping is perfect for the spontaneous couple, but it’s also great for those who like to plan ahead. As opposed to a traditional wedding, an elopement is a beautiful way to keep your ceremony intimate and focused on what is most important for you and your partner.

Additionally, elopements avoid the excessive stress that planning a traditional wedding can have. Destination wedding companies understand how to help take away that stress, making your elopement as stress-free as possible.

Finally, an elopement is usually much more affordable than a wedding at home. We wrote an article on how much a Hawaiian wedding costs, and many of our guests are surprised they can have a wedding and honeymoon for much cheaper than a traditional wedding.

Wedding of Hawaii has been helping couples plan their dream wedding on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii since 1978, and our wedding coordinators are always available to answer any questions you may have.

But Why Hawaii?

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Hawaii Marriage License and Legal Process - Weddings of Hawaii

Posted by Rachel H. on Sep 6, 2018 9:08:00 AM

Known for its lush mountains,  pristine beaches, and aloha spirit, the State of Hawaii has long been a destination of choice for couples around the world. Amid all the stunning scenery, it's easy to overlook one of the little-known perks of romance in the Aloha State: Hawaii happens to be one of the easiest places on earth to get married.

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The Best Time for Your Beach Wedding

Posted by Rachel H. on Jul 5, 2018 10:54:09 PM


We often get asked, “what’s the best time for my ceremony?” As with many other things for your special day, the answer is “it depends.”

What you think will be “best” all depends on your preferences and priorities. To help you decide, we have some tips for your consideration.

Before we get into details of the time of day, the most important recommendation we have is to choose a weekday as opposed to a weekend or holiday. The beaches are much less populated at any time of day during the week, allowing more seclusion for your ceremony.


Morning Ceremonies - 8am-10:30am

Although it’s a non-traditional time to have a wedding, this is a great time for a wedding for many of our couples.

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Best Places in Hawaii to Get Married

Posted by Rachel H. on May 10, 2018 4:49:00 PM


We've been helping couples find the best ceremony locations in Hawaii since 1978!


If you're planning on getting married in Hawaii, there are a few important decisions you need to make, and choosing the right Hawaii wedding location is one of them.

Do you want a beach wedding? Sunset ceremony? Maybe a waterfall wedding with a beach a short walk away? How about an two-location photo shoot?

You should consider both the logistics of the ceremony and types of photos you want. All our locations are stunning, and you're sure to get some amazing wedding photos, yet the locations are different in their own ways. It all depends on what you and your partner want!

Here are our picks for the best places in Hawaii to get married:

  1. Sherwood Forest Beach - Best Hawaii beach wedding location
  2. Magic Island - Best Hawaii sunset wedding location
  3. Waialae Beach - Best morning or afternoon wedding location near Waikiki
  4. Pukalani Falls - Most unique Hawaii wedding location
  5. Heaven's Point - Best second location wedding photo location

We're always here to help answer any questions you have, and we hope this article will help you narrow down your dream Hawaii ceremony location :)

Best Beach Wedding Location: Sherwood Forest Beach

Don’t be fooled by the name; Sherwood Forest is our most popular beach wedding location. The beautiful spot is on seven miles of golden sand and overlooks the turquoise water of Waimanalo Bay.

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