Posing Tips for Your Wedding Photos & Videos

Posted by Teri S. on Jul 19, 2018 10:43:34 PM

Capturing memories with photo and video is an important part of your day, and we want to give some tips to make sure you look your best and are comfortable with your team.


Our professional photographers will greet you with a warm aloha and lead you through everything from start to finish. They know it’s not every day you turn up for a photo shoot, so they’ll do their best to make you comfortable.

Tips to Remember:

  • Relax and enjoy yourselves. The day is meant to be fun, so don’t take the photo shoot too seriously.
  • Let your photographer know if you have any special requests. If there’s a particular pose or photo you’ve seen on our website that you know you want, just ask.
  • Have good posture. Standing and sitting up straight are more flattering.
  • Not sure about your smile? Mix it up. Your photographer will take a lot of pictures, so feel free to try a variety of expressions.
  • Don't be late to your ceremony or it'll cut into your photo/video time.
  • Following your ceremony, your photo shoot will start with group shots. If you have a large amount of guests, prep them so they know not to disappear. These take more time than you might think. 
  • Love on each other. You’ll see the emotion and joy in the final pictures!



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There are a few differences when it comes to videography.

You’ll get two videos. One video is of the ceremony, which is capturing the moment as you’ll remember it. Your videographer will put a microphone on the groom and the officiant to capture audio as well.

The other video is the highlight video, which is made of special moments during the ceremony and a mix of footage taken after your ceremony. (Most of the footage taken after the ceremony will be in slow motion, and your videographer will only use clips they feel are flattering.)

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Here are some more tips to help:

  • Just as with photography, try to relax and enjoy yourselves.
  • Try to avoid looking at your videographer’s camera, especially with “darty eyes.” It’s best to pretend the video camera isn’t there. Focus on your photographer’s camera.
  • Your videographer is looking to capture natural movements. Being playful often helps the highlight video.
  • Remember that your videographer might be filming while your photographer is setting you up for a shot. Try to follow your photographer’s directions with slow, smooth movements, which will work much better for video.
  • Communicate any requests or questions you may have. If you want to try something, let your videographer know.


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Your photographer and videographer will help you through the day. The most important thing is to enjoy yourselves. Although not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll be in good hands, and your team will know how to get the best shots and footage of your special day.


Questions? Please contact us anytime!


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