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Oahu beach weddings are one of the most popular and affordable ways to get married in Hawaii. While there are many beautiful beaches in the state, we believe Oahu is the best Hawaiian island for a destination wedding.

What You Need for a Beach Wedding on Oahu

Like all the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu requires a permit from the State of Hawaii to marry on a beach. We can apply for and pick up the permit for your event. At the time of writing, a Hawaii beach wedding or vow renewal permit costs $50.

Best Oahu Beach Wedding Locations

Since all beaches in Hawaii are public, most couples want to choose a beach that offers incredible beauty, some seclusion, and a certain amount of convenience. Our selection of beach wedding locations takes this into consideration.

Before going over each location, here’s a quick comparison to help you get started.

  • Most Beautiful: Sherwood Forest Beach, Waimanalo
  • Closest to Waikiki: Waialae Beach
  • Best Sunrise Location: Sandy Beach
  • If you’re staying on the North Shore: Kawela Bay
  • If you’re staying on the West Side: Paradise Cove Beach

Sherwood Forest Beach

Most couples looking for a beach wedding on Oahu start here. The combination of the beautiful turquoise waters, a unique ironwoods, and a fantastic backdrop offers couples the opportunity to marry in one of the world’s most beautiful places.


There is so much natural beauty at Sherwood Forest Beach, such as that amazing water color.


Waimanalo beaches are wide and long, offering plenty of opportunities for seclusion, and we think Sherwood’s is the best. Even so, we recommend a weekday ceremony as the weekend is popular with the local community.


To see all of what Sherwood's has to offer, there's no better way to show it off than video. 


Sherwood Forest Beach is approximately 40 minutes from Waikiki. The drive is beautiful, and many couples like to choose a second location photo shoot location along the way back to Waikiki, often at our next location, Waialae Beach.


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Waialae Beach

For couples wanting to get married near Waikiki, Waialae Beach is the best option. The beautiful palm trees and long beach make for a great wedding ceremony spot.


Waialae Beach Wedding Couple

Waialae Beach is one of Oahu's best beach wedding locations.


Waialae Beach is also popular for photo shoots. The rocky, shallow water keeps swimmers away, so it’s easy to get beautiful photos without anyone in the background, which can be challenging to find near Waikiki.


Check out the beauty of Waialae Beach's weddings.


Waialae Beach is a short drive from Waikiki, making it easy for both the couple and any guests to attend.

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Sandy Beach

For an excellent ceremony location between Sherwood Forest Beach and Waialae Beach, Sandy Beach offers soft, golden sand, lava rocks, and beautiful sunrises.


Sandy Beach Hawaii Wedding


Sandy Beach is a popular hangout spot for locals, so we like to recommend ceremonies earlier in the day and especially on weekdays. However, we can often find secluded spots at any time of day, especially near the area where the beach meets the lava rocks, perfect for photos.

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Kawela Bay

For couples looking for a beach wedding on Oahu’s North Shore, our favorite location is Kawela Bay. Located near Turtle Bay Resort, the bay offers a combination of beach and forest setting, providing couples with an amazing contrast for photos.

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Kawela Bay Hawaii Beach WeddingKawela-Bay-Hawaii-Wedding


Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise Cove Beach is a convenient and beautiful spot for a beach wedding for couples staying on the West Side. We recommend early morning or sunset as the beach is popular during the day, and the parking lot is very small (please arrive early).

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Paradise Cove Beach Hawaii WeddingJ&K-110


Best Oahu Beach Wedding Packages


Our Oahu Wedding Packages page goes into great detail about all the inclusions in our packages. Below you’ll see a quick guide to help you choose the perfect wedding or vow renewal package for your stress-free wedding day.

Kamaaina Package $275 - Officiant.

Gardenia Package $549 - Officiant, photographer, and leis.

Maile Package $799 - Officiant, photographer, leis, and limousine.

Lehua Package $1,525 - Officiant, photographer, leis or bouquet, limousine, and videographer.

Royal Illima Package $2,749 - Officiant, photographer, leis and bouquet, limousine, videographer, second-location photo shoot, and the option of in-room hair & makeup or live musician.

Monarch Elite Package $5,249 - Officiant, photographer, leis and bouquet, limousine, videographer, second-location photoshoot, in-room hair & makeup, live musician, hula dancer, hotel consult, custom photo album, Hawaiian wedding rings, second-location videography, and drone video at your ceremony location.

Kalani Illima Package $8,450 - Officiant, photographer, leis and bouquet, limousine, videographer, second-location photoshoot, in-room hair & makeup, live musician, hula dancer, hotel consult, custom photo album, Hawaiian wedding rings, second-location videography, drone at both locations, pre-bridal photography & videography, live stream of ceremony, any arch, arbor, or runway setup with up to 30 chairs, and airport limousine for your arrival and departure.

Our packages are customizable and have many inclusions, so please read our package page!


Best Oahu Wedding Reception Locations


Most beach weddings on Oahu are smaller than traditional weddings, and one cost savings over a traditional wedding is that a large reception isn’t necessary. Most couples choose to have a post-ceremony celebration at a restaurant or go to a Hawaiian luau.

Many couples choose to have their ceremony earlier in the day to take advantage of the natural beauty of Hawaii. This also gives them time to go back and freshen up before heading to their lunch or dinner celebration.

Our wedding coordinators have several recommendations to help you plan your reception. Just remember that it’s all up to you. Whether you choose to have lunch or dinner with all your guests or to get right back into vacation mode, the choice is yours.

Read more about Hawaii wedding receptions.


How to Plan Your Oahu Beach Wedding


To start planning your wedding in Hawaii, we like to recommend the following four steps.

  1. Choose your Hawaii wedding package and location. All our packages can be applied to any location.
  2. Make a reservation. Please contact us if you need help choosing your date and time, and please remember that a weekday is recommended as you’ll have more seclusion.
  3. Plan and customize your special day. All our packages are customizable.
  4. Enjoy your day!

We’re always here to help. Please call, email, or schedule a consultation for assistance!


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