Military Wedding in Hawaii

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Planning a military wedding in Hawaii? While a military wedding can take place anywhere, many couples choose to have an intimate elopement here in Hawaii! 



With so many beautiful wedding locations to choose from, our most popular wedding destinations for military weddings are our Oahu ceremony locations. In addition to the locations listed there, we can also hold military weddings at Bellows Beach in Waimanalo. 

Whether you are engaged to a service member or a service member yourself, we are more than happy to assist you in planning your wedding ceremony with us. 

Over the years at Weddings of Hawaii, we have become elopement experts and consistently look for ways to cater to and support our military couples. From providing military discounts to unlimited coordinator communication, we have helped countless couples plan their dream weddings! 

What to Consider When Having a Military Wedding in Hawaii

With so many things to consider when planning a military wedding, whether you are PCSing, on TDY, or in between deployments, eloping to Hawaii is perfect for the spontaneous couple who likes to plan ahead. 

We recommend first choosing a date within a time frame that works best for you and your fiance.

We understand that many things are subject to change when working for the armed forces, so if you need to move your ceremony date, we are more than happy to assist. As stated in our terms and conditions, if you need to change your ceremony date outside the 30 days from the ceremony date, we will happily reschedule your event with us up to one year after your original date and apply your deposit towards your new date with us! 




Can You Wear Your Military Uniform for Your Hawaii Wedding?

Yes, you can wear your military uniform for your wedding. 

If you're not sure what to wear, wear whatever you want! While there is no strict Hawaiian wedding attire, many of our couples have worn formal attire for their beach wedding. For our service members, military uniforms always look classy and timeless. 

Most commonly, military grooms (active or retired) will choose to wear their Mess Dress or Class-A uniforms. Military brides can wear their uniform, although many opt for a bridal gown. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and attendees also have the option to wear their formal uniform (if applicable). Many bridesmaids will wear dresses to match the uniform's colors or whichever color the couple prefers. 

Feel free to reference our What to Wear to Your Hawaii Wedding Blog or your government-issued uniform manual for more information on what to wear. 




Can You Get a Military Discount for Your Wedding?

Whether it be an elopement, commitment ceremony, or vow renewal, Weddings of Hawaii always looks forward to supporting and caring for our service members. To further express our appreciation, we offer a 5% military discount on any of our Oahu wedding ceremony packages




Marriage License Information

Getting a Hawaii marriage license is very easy! Even if you are not a Hawaii resident, you can still apply for your Hawaii marriage license online before your event. Upon your arrival to Hawaii, you will pick up the document from an authorized marriage license agent.

After your event, your Officiant will file the document on your behalf, and the state will mail you your official document 4 to 6 weeks after your event! 


Air Force wedding on a beach on Oahu Hawaii


What if you are already legally married?

We understand that many couples within the military community choose to have a small civil ceremony for a variety of reasons. If you are already legally married, we are more than happy to host your ceremony as if it were your first and only. We just would not process any legal paperwork to follow. 




Best Packages and Locations for Your Military Wedding in Hawaii

We offer various wedding and elopement packages, all of which can be paired with any of our Oahu ceremony locations. Whether you choose to have your ceremony at any one of our public locations or private venues, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect ceremony package for your special day! 

Elopement Packages are an excellent choice for military-affiliated couples who are looking for a stress-free and budget-friendly wedding planning experience! We strongly recommend choosing the package with most of what you want for your ceremony. 

Our most popular wedding and elopement packages for military couples are for the island of Oahu. With most of our couples stationed on Oahu or staying at the Hale Koa, it's a great island to have the perfect military wedding.

These wedding packages are fully customizable to ensure you get everything you want for your dream Hawaii wedding. Many of the same services for a traditional wedding are still included, so you aren’t missing anything, except maybe a few headaches.


Bellows Beach Wedding Ceremony on Oahu

Wedding at Bellow Beach, Waimanalo, Oahu.

Recommended Wedding Locations on Oahu for Your Military Wedding

Hawaii offers a variety of unique natural backdrops. Whether it be a breathtaking ocean view or a lush tropical garden, Hawaii offers a stress-free ceremony in paradise! 

When choosing the best ceremony location for your big day, we recommend looking at your guest count and the proximity from where you plan on staying while you are here! Any of our beach locations can be paired with any Hawaii Wedding Package or Vow Renewal Package. 

Most of our public beach locations can accommodate up to 30 guests, with Magic Island being able to accommodate up to 50. Please take a look at some of our favorites! 

Magic Island

Magic Island is located near Waikiki and most Oahu hotels, including the Hale Koa (the hotel for military families).

  • 30 minutes from JBPHH
  • 45 minutes from SBMR
  • 40 minutes from MCBH


Magic Island Hawaii Wedding 2022 25


Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is our pick if you want a toes-in-the-sand wedding. It's also a great sunrise wedding location, and it offers the most lava rock on Oahu.

  • 40 minutes from JBPHH
  • 1 hour from SBMR
  • 30 minutes from MCBH


Military-wedding-on-Sandy-Beach-Oahu (1)


For our couples who prefer more seclusion, we highly recommend choosing one of our tropical and lush private wedding venues, with our most popular ones being Nalo Gardens and Noelani Gardens! 

Nalo Gardens

Nalo Gardens has a breathtaking backdrop of the Ko'olau Mountain Range and is perfect for both larger groups and small groups. 

  • 45 minutes from JBPHH
  • 1 hour from SBMR
  • 25 minutes from MCBH


Nalo Gardens Hawaii Wedding 20


Noelani Gardens

Noelani Gardens provides breathtaking views of Kaneohe Bay and is perfect for an intimate elopement for up to 10 guests.

  • 30 minutes from JBPHH
  • 37 minutes from SBMR
  • 10 minutes from MCBH


Noelani Gardens Hawaii Wedding 27


We do our best to provide you with a memorable experience, and we love helping our military couples create the perfect day for their wedding. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.



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