Hawaii Commitment Ceremonies

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Whether you're looking to recommit to your spouse, want a wedding day do-over, or simply want a personalized alternative to a legal wedding, a Hawaii commitment ceremony provides you the opportunity to affirm your relationship on your terms.

What is a Hawaii Commitment Ceremony?

A commitment ceremony is similar to a wedding in that it is a public declaration of love and dedication made between two people. The ceremony is a special event -- one that is often held in an inspiring location like Hawaii 😉 -- and the guest list usually includes the people who mean the most to you.

What sets commitment ceremonies apart from weddings is that unlike a wedding, there is no legal element to a commitment ceremony. There are no government regulations regarding who can officiate the ceremony, and the vows the couple make to each other are not recognized by the law.



Commitment ceremonies are all about expressing your dedication to each other!


Before same-sex marriages were legalized, commitment ceremonies were a popular way for couples to formally declare their love and dedication to each other. Today, all kinds of couples are choosing to affirm and re-affirm their love to one another in a way that many find to be even more meaningful than a wedding.

Commitment ceremonies are similar to vow renewals. Whether dedicating or renewing your love, the ceremony is all about being with the one you love, now and forever!


Cake Cutting Ceremony at beach wedding in Hawaii

All traditional elements of a wedding can be incorporated into your Hawaii commitment ceremony.


Unique Ideas for a Hawaiian Commitment CeremonY

The wonderful thing about these non-legal wedding ceremonies is that couples are free to plan their day in any way they see fit; there's no need to worry about having a licensed officiant, obtaining all the necessary paperwork, or choosing witnesses.

Here are some ideas to make your commitment ceremony a truly unforgettable event:

  • Choose a special ceremony location -- remember, this is your day!
  • Take tons of photos of your ceremony and any pre- and post-ceremony celebrations
  • Turn your commitment ceremony into a fabulous vacation
  • Write your own vows -- after all, there are no rules here!
  • Add a live Hawaiian musician -- again, it's all up to you
  • Invite only the people who you really want to include
  • Treat it like an elopement to make the moment one that just you and your partner share



Make your commitment unique and memorable by having the ceremony in a place you'll never forget!


Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaii Commitment Ceremonies


Can we have a commitment ceremony after we're married?

Of course! As we've mentioned, there are no rules when it comes to planning your commitment ceremony, and that includes when and where you have it. In fact, it's becoming increasingly common for couples to hold a commitment ceremony to mark a special milestone in their relationship, such as an anniversary.

Here at Weddings of Hawaii, we also help many couples turn their commitment ceremony into the wedding day they really wanted but couldn't have for religious, family, or logistical reasons.


What’s the difference between a commitment ceremony and vow renewal?

The only real difference is the perception of the ceremony between you and your beloved. While many couples think of a vow renewal as a way to reaffirm your love for each other, couples looking for a commitment ceremony usually have not had a previous ceremony, but the ceremonies are quite similar. It’s all about expressing your love and commitment to each other.


My partner hasn't been divorced yet - can we hold a commitment ceremony?

Yes. Because this type of ceremony isn't legally-binding, there are no rules or regulations when it comes to the current marital status of the participants.


Can we invite guests?

You're welcome to invite as many or as few guests as you want to your commitment ceremony. For our events, certain venues have limits, but you can plan according based on what you desire. Some couples choose to throw a huge party, while others keep it simple; it's up to you!


We've already re-affirmed our wedding vows once. Can we do it again?

Absolutely! In fact, some couples make a tradition of holding commitment ceremonies on their 'milestone' anniversaries as a way of re-connecting with each other. Most refer to these re-commitment ceremonies as vow renewals.


Whether you're getting married, committing your love to each other, or renewing your vows, we can help make your ceremony in paradise absolutely amazing!

Please contact us with any questions you may have!

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