Tipping on Your Hawaii Destination Wedding

Posted by Lauren C. on Nov 4, 2020 2:03:00 PM


Having a wedding or vow renewal is not something done often, so one of the questions that often comes up is, "Is tipping common? If so, how much?" 

The short answer: Yes, tipping is common in the wedding industry. As we like to say, "tipping isn't expected, but it's always appreciated."

If you Google this question, there are many articles about tipping vendors. Just remember that many of those are for large, traditional weddings. We're trying to make it easy with this article by letting you know what's common here in Hawaii.


Who to Tip

It's common to consider tipping anyone who performs a service on your special day. 

  • Limo Driver
  • Officiant
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Musician/Dancer
  • Hair and Makeup Artist


How Much to Tip

While we often tell couples when asked that the range is anywhere from $10-$100, the average tip ranges from $20-$50 per vendor. This, of course, depends on how you value the service and quality provided. 


How to Tip

The most common way to tip is simply to hand over the tip while expressing your thanks for their role in your special day. Some couples like to prepare thank you cards in advance, which is nice but not necessary.


When to Tip

It's common to hand over the tip when your team member says goodbye, but some couples like to take care of it in advance. It's also not uncommon for couples to send cards for their team or even request PayPal or Venmo information. 


Should You Feel Like Tipping Is Required?

Absolutely not! Your team will provide the best service to their ability. We all know the importance of the day and are committed as a team to make sure you have a wonderful experience. If you'd like to show your appreciation with a tip, great. If not, no worries. Again, as we like to say, "tipping isn't expected, but it's always appreciated."





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