We're Excited to Announce Our New Website Design!

Posted by Lauren C. on Oct 12, 2017 11:45:00 PM

Coming Soon!!!

Our new website is so close to being finished. Although we're still testing it out and putting on the finishing touches, we just can't wait any longer to announce it!

It's crazy to think how much our website has changed over the years. We still remember the first design. Imagine the messiest website you've ever seen, add eight different fonts, a pixelated photo, and a cupid in the upper corner. Pastor Karen talks about it with pride. So exciting at the time...so fun to remember now.

We don't have images of that very first design, but here's a picture of it after it had a few upgrades. It's still a live site, not that anyone is looking at it :)



 Here's our first website after some updates. Oh, how I wish we had the original! 

We've come along way since those early days (and so has web design), but a lot of our team was around back then and remembers how a website helped Weddings of Hawaii grow an identity. 

We're all a little attached to our current design. Everyone in the office knows it like the back of their hand, and we've all contributed to it one way or another. But times change, and we're always looking to improve. Still, we will miss this design:



We're also going to have to change that "30 Years" to "40 Years" soon. 

As we get closer to launching, we've grown to love the new look. It's modern, highlights Hawaii well, and our web designer is doing an amazing job of working with us to understand our couples and what we think best serves their needs.

In addition to the new design, our team is working hard to provide updated content, more information, and new photos galleries. Here's a peek at our new homepage:



 Here's a nice aerial of Heaven's Point.

Our new homepage has a beautiful video showing highlights of some of our top wedding locations. Notice the blue on the bottom reservation button. We've added a touch of blue to our design and think it goes well with our current tan-colored theme. Here's another shot from the homepage video:



 A beautiful wedding at Sherwood Forest Beach.

I'd love to show more photos, but they just don't do justice to how well we like the new site. We're hoping to go live within the next 10 days, so you'll see the full site soon ;)

We know couples do their homework when choosing a wedding company. Our Oahu wedding packages page is the second most visited page after our homepage, followed by our wedding locations page. We're happy to customize packages based on what our couples want, and chatting with us is the best way to understand your options, but we understand how important it is to provide information on the website. The website is where couples start, so we want it to be perfect.

We're also adding new pages to the site, such as information on hotels, recommended activities, and we'll continue adding to our blog, which we started a few months ago. This is our effort to increase the information our couples receive. We believe providing more information prepares you better, not only for your ceremony day but also for your entire trip to Hawaii.

Photos and videos are also important. We see amazing shots of couples every day, and we're updating all our photo galleries to give you a better understanding of the locations and photo opportunities each one offers.

We still have a lot of work to do. It's our goal to launch soon, and after we do go live with the new design, we'll still be working hard to improve it.

We understand how important your special day is, and we want to be as perfect as possible for the entire experience. We'd love your feedback. If you have any tips for improvement, ideas for additions, or anything at all, please let us know :)

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