As our motto says, "No stress... just get dressed...and we'll do the rest!" 


We mean that for every aspect of your wedding, vow renewal, or honeymoon!

Our wedding coordinators are ready to answer all your questions about getting married in Hawaii, and our in-house travel concierge can assist you and your guests with booking flights, hotel accommodations, transportation, activities and more!

We currently offer wedding packages and travel packages separately. This helps us stay focused on what we do best: Helping you plan the best wedding possible!


Looking for travel help?

Please Note:

  • We cannot provide quotes for more than 10-11 months from today.
  • We must have all traveler's full legal names, birthdays, and children's ages at time of travel to run a quote.
  • Our packages are bundled rates. We cannot see a price breakdown.
  • If you're just starting your wedding planning, it's highly recommended to speak with a wedding coordinator first. They provide much better overall information ;)

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