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Hawaii Wedding Locations


Heaven's Point

Oahu's best for your second photo shoot.

Sandy Beach

East Side, Oahu.

Sherwood Forest Beach

Most popular Oahu ceremony location!

Waialae Beach

Grass ceremony near Waikiki, Oahu.

Magic Island

Sunset location near Waikiki, Oahu.

Diamond Head Beach Park

Oahu - Groups of five or less only.

Kawela Bay

North Shore, Oahu.

Milo Cove

West Side, Oahu.

Pukalani Falls

Premier private location, Oahu.

Marina Chapel

Hawaii Kai, Oahu.

Island Water Sports

Hawaii Kai, Oahu.

Haiku Gardens

Windward Side, Oahu.


Hawaii Wedding Flowers

Samples of Our Standard and Hawaiian Floral Wedding Arrangements.

Classic Bridal Bouquets

Our classical bouquets are made fresh daily by our in-house florist. We use traditional and Hawaiian flowers designed with your preference in mind.

Premium Bridal Bouquets

Premium bouquets are a nice upgrade from our classics. We add a special touch to the design and flower selection, making your bouquet truly unique!

Elite Bridal Bouquets

Our elite bouquets are some of the most beautiful bridal bouquets you’ll ever see! It’s easy to see why we love our florist, and these are some of her best!

Hawaiian Hakus and Hair Florals

For something extra special, our hakus and hair florals not only give you an amazing look but also add an extra Hawaiian touch to your wedding day!

Hawaiian Leis

Nothing says Hawaiian more than a lei! Our bride and groom participate in a lei ceremony, and if you have guests, it’s a nice gesture to present them one as well.

Custom Flowers

We’re proud to have one of the most talented florists in the state. If you have custom flower requests, we’re sure she’s up to the task and will not disappoint!