Maui Wedding Locations

Our preferred wedding locations on the island of Maui


*Any of our locations can be paired with any Hawaii wedding package or vow renewal package.


Maui Public Wedding Locations

These locations only require a $50 permit and will be added to your invoice. They are very popular with the local community, thus we highly recommend choosing a weekday if seclusion is important to you.

Maui Elopement couple at White Rock Beach

White Rock Beach

White Rock Beach (also known as Palauea Beach) is a small stretch of beautiful Maui beach, perfect for an intimate beach wedding, elopement, or vow renewal. 

Located on the Southwestern side of the island in the Wailea-Makena area, White Rock Beach has soft, golden sand and rock formations at both ends. 

Recommendation: Weekdays are highly recommended as weekends are busier. There's a sand path to the beach with parking on the road nearby. This location does not have public restrooms. 

Maui same-sex Wedding at Polo Beach

Polo Beach

Located in Wailea-Makena on the Southwestern side of Maui, Polo Beach is a long, curved beach with a lava rock formation on both ends. The sand is compact, soft, and easy to walk on.

As you can see from our image gallery, Polo Beach has the potential to have some amazing sunsets. Our preferred ceremony location is near the lava rocks, which offer an amazing background.

Recommendation: Polo Beach has a large parking lot with public restrooms. Weekdays are recommended as the weekends are quite busy. 

DT Fleming Beach Maui 13

DT Fleming Beach

Complete with lava rocks, a white sand beach, and ironwood trees, DT Fleming Beach is located on the western side of Maui's North Shore. 

The large, popular beach offers several potential backdrops for your Hawaii ceremony. 

Recommendation: DT Fleming Beach has parking and restrooms. Surf and wind can be stronger than at other beaches, but it's overall a beautiful beach. Weekends are very busy. 

Maui Wedding at Mokapu Beach 1

Ulua & Mokapu Beaches

If you like sandy beaches, lava rocks, and swaying palm trees, you're sure to like both Ulua and Mokapu Beach. The two beaches are accessed by the same path, and both are breathtaking, especially around sunset. 

Recommendation: Ulua and Mokapu Beaches are popular wedding beaches on Maui. There is parking and a restroom on Ulua Beach. These are popular beaches during the day for families and snorkeling. Weekdays are highly recommended as weekends are crowded. 



Location Spotlight

White Rock Beach, Maui

With gorgeous beaches all along the Maui's Southwestern coast, you'll be surrounded by natural beauty regardless of where you choose to have your destination beach wedding. White Rock Beach is a popular pick for obvious reasons. 

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