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It was 1978, a retired Reverend Hansen was wondering what the next chapter of his life would bring. At the time, most wedding planners were associated with hotels. He thought there should be a simple way for a couple to have an intimate ceremony with their feet in the beautiful, Hawaiian sand. With that idea, Weddings of Hawaii was founded. It became the joy of his life, his passion. He helped pioneer the destination wedding industry in Hawaii. Reverend Hansen spent the rest of his life surrounded by couples in love and cherished every moment.

Now nearly 40 years and four generations later, Weddings of Hawaii has served thousands of couples on their wedding day. We are highly-skilled, dedicated professionals who share a calling, not just a business.

What's the difference? The Weddings of Hawaii team has worked closely together for decades. We are not random individuals selected from a list upon availability, we are family. Pressure and stress is removed from each couple knowing they are in the hands of dedicated experts. Your day will be relaxing with every detail meticulously planned. Even if the unexpected happens, Weddings of Hawaii can handle the situation. No stress, just get dressed, and we'll do the rest!

Experts in photography and video, stunning images that will be treasured for a lifetime. The ceremony is rich in meaning, genuine, and sincere. Crafted by years of heart and experience. It is individualized for each couple, carefully respecting each culture and faith. Weddings of Hawaii has the expertise to create an unforgettable romantic experience.


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Choosing Affordable Weddings of Hawaii was the best decision we have EVER made!! Whether you choose the least expensive package, or the most elaborate, you will be treated just the same by the wonderful staff. Rev. Karen Russ, Jimmie our photographer, and the wonderful videographer, Marcelle, each gave special attention to our every need. We would HIGHLY recommend Weddings of Hawaii to anyone who wants to truly have a magical, meaningful wedding that will be remembered forever!! Makapu'u Beach was the perfect location choice for us, but many choices are available to choose from. By my request, at the last minute, Karen was able to provide me with a dream bouquet. She REALLY listens to what you want, and then she makes sure that you REALLY get it!! No matter what services you choose, you will not be disappointed in any way. Thank you for Everything -- you certainly go above and beyond!!

Andrea & Michael Tiffany

Absolutely perfect wedding!

The staff are all amazing! I found this company online, called them to discuss my dream wedding and they finalized it all. I am so very impressed with all of their hard work and I cannot thank them enough. If you or anyone you know are thinking of getting married in Hawaii and having a destination wedding I strongly recommend you consider Wed Hawaii! I myself was a little nervous since all communication was through the Internet or on the phone but there was no reason for it! I promise you will be happy with your beautiful wedding. Thank you again for everything! :-) Our wedding was perfect!!

Melissa Marcucci

The most beautiful wedding 1/11/11

We are so thankful that we chose Weddings of Hawaii for our special day. We were married in January 2011 at MakapuÂ’u Beach in Oahu. Reverend Russ and her team made it even more perfect than we thought possible. We researched many vendors before deciding on Weddings of Hawaii, but after seeing sample videos with Reverend Russ as the officiant in them, and speaking to the team via emails, our decision was easily made. We chose the floral runway which was beautiful, and we also had a bridal bouquet and boutonniere made for us. Rev. Russ was kind enough to place some flowers in my hair as well, which was the perfect touch. Leading up to the big day, we always maintained great communication with Rev. Russ. She always responded to our emails promptly and answered many of our questions in a friendly manner yet very thorough. It never felt business-like. Rev. Russ was also extremely flexible with our wedding plans even when the weather wasnÂ’'t cooperating. The words she spoke during the ceremony were incredibly beautiful and tears of joy were hard to hold back. Our day couldnÂ’'t have gone any better. A BIG thank you to Reverend Russ and Weddings of Hawaii - you made our wedding in Hawaii a memorable one!

Kristen Samsa


My wife and I got married on September 3, 2009. We used Weddings of Hawaii based on a recommendation from a friend of mine and let me tell you it was the best advice ever. Pastor Karen was in 2 words totally awesome. She was very kind and said and made our ceremony perfect. The photographer James C Carson III was incredible and probably one of the friendliest guys I have ever met. He said we were naturals with the posing and we made it very easy for him. There was not one thing I could say negative about all who participated in making this wonderful event take place. If you are looking for a wedding getaway done right, look no further. You can let the experts handle every aspect of your perfect day, while you just sit back drinking Mai Tai's on the beach with no worries...just don't forget to show up for your own wedding! Weddings of Hawaii is the way to go, you will not be disappointed.

Joseph Brager


Thank you guys for the perfect organization! Trip, hotel and ceremony were amazing! No words can describe how much you did for us! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Kateryna Opanasenko
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