Hawaiian Silky Oak

Silky Oak Grain

We utilize only the finest Silky Oak available. The lace like figuring in the grain of the Silky Oak tree lends itself wonderfully to the small space of the ring.

Silky Oak Tree

Our Silky Oak comes from private ranches on the Big Island of Hawaii

Big Island of Hawaii

Geographically isolated and the most rural island

If Koa is the soul of the Hawaiian culture, then Silky Oak is at its heart. It arrived in the islands in the 1880's and of course has adapted amazingly well...what wouldn't right? The Hawaiian Silky Oak or Lacewood has come to symbolize divinity, protection and strength and I think makes one of our most stunning rings.

Tree Characteristics:
The Silky Oak tree is originally from Australia and was brought to the Hawaiian Islands around 1880. The Silky Oak is actually in the sycamore family and is a popular ornamental tree in the tropics because of its fernlike foliage and its brightly-colored flowers. The tree reproduces amazingly well, grows quickly and therefore is in no ecological danger in the Hawaiian Islands.

Wood Characteristics:
The wood has traditionally been used for furniture building and cabinet making and has a amazing lace like figure when quarter sawn. The pinkish brown heartwood has prominent rays that display the variety of colors in an amazing manner.

Our Hawaiian Silky Oak wood was harvested on the Big Island of Hawaii in the lower elevation grasslands.