California Redwood Burl

Redwood Burl Grain

Redwood Burl Tree

Northern California

Our Redwood Giants Collection feels as though it has the quiet wisdom of the ages instilled in the wood. Walking through the Redwoods in Northern California, you are reminded of entering the old world cathedrals of Europe. The deafening silence and the giant scale of the surroundings creates the same humbling effect of self reflection...perhaps because these elders of the forest have seen so many generations come and go. Redwoods are the largest and oldest living beings on the planet and can grow up to 379 feet tall and live for 1800 years. Redwood trees have come to symbolize longevity, protection and wisdom.

Tree Characteristics:
The Redwood forests are only found in a small coastal area ranging from the northern California area of Big Sur to southwestern Oregon. The old growth forests were decimated by commercial logging in the 19th century and the current forest represents 4% of the original old growth forest. The old growth is now well protected and commercial cultivation of redwood trees ensures that they will be available for future generations.

Wood Characteristics:
Our Redwood Burl that we hand select for our rings has a deep red color with swirls of black and a latticework of silver-white. Aspects of the grain resemble a watercolor of silver fog rolling through the red grain and tight black swirls. A truly unique grain pattern that matches the mystery of the coastal foggy environment exactly.

Our Redwood was harvested in Northern California in the cool and foggy coastal regions that support the growth of these giants. The old growth forests are protected from harvesting and the commercial Redwood farms ensure that Redwood is responsibly harvested in a sustainable manner.